Interactive Music Experience by BIRD CALL x CHORDE
The Lab, San Francisco, March 2016

Innovation, autonomy, and disruptive digital culture propel ideation and impact our daily lives, bringing us into new creative realms. Yet, our ability to connect with humanity can dissipate in the process. CONNECTION, a new collaborative multi-media performance by CHORDE (Tomo Saito) and Bird Call (Chiara Angelicola), exhibits the nexus lost when self-centered creativity rewards the individual and diminishes the value of connection between the art, the audience, and the community. During the performance, CONNECTION will welcome awareness of the self through overcoming social risks and vulnerability, in turn, empowering our compassion and trust in others.


Featured collaborators:

SENSOREE designs give the body a voice – self awareness, communication, insight, empathy, and fun! Our goal is to communicate between cultures with a base emotional dialogue.

Matthew DiVito (Boston, MA)

Hexeosis (Santa Monica CA)

Emmett Dzieza (Brooklyn, NY)